Dental implants are the ideal option to replace missing teeth. Not only do they beautifully recreate your smile, they also keep your bone stimulated. Why is that important? Like any bone, if your jawbone is not exercised, it will begin to shrink or “resorb” into your body. Without your teeth’s roots there to stimulate the bone every time you chew, little by little, your jaw diminishes, your face collapses, and your dentures need to be constantly refitted. All of that trouble and discomfort can be prevented and eliminated with the placement of dental implant posts. These posts act like your tooth roots and keep your bone stimulated and active.

A variety of restorations can be placed over dental implant posts from single dental crowns to replace one or a few lost teeth to full and partial implant-supported dentures. We will refer you to one of our trusted dental surgeons for the placement of the posts while we create and place your restorations. If you are missing teeth, tired of your dentures, or just want to experience your smile the way nature intended, talk to us about the amazing benefits of modern dental implants.