Meet The Team

Compassionate Dental Professionals You Can Count On

Amanda Plemmons

Amanda – Certified Registered Dental Hygienist

Amanda has been a part of Panhandle Dental Care for the last 8 years, with 13 total years being dedicated to the field of dentistry! She completed her education in Dental Assisting at the Gulf Coast Community College Dental Assisting Class of 2009 and maintains her Dental Assisting Certification, and then her Dental Hygiene studies at the Gulf Coast State College Dental Hygiene Class of 2013. In addition, she also earned a Local Anesthetic Certification from GCSC in 2016. As a CRDH, Amanda has some important responsibilities at the office. She helps prevent disease with regular prophylaxis cleanings, radiograph exposure and periodontal pocket measurements, and home-care instructions. She also educates her patients on perio disease and decay risks and provides them with a customized treatment plan. After the treatment plan, Amanda follows through with the treatment of Periodontal Disease. She loves the teamwork and friendships she’s developed at Panhandle Dental Care and takes pride in her impact on her patients’ oral health. When she’s not at the office, you can find Amanda caring for her nine chickens and dogs, anything outdoors, and raising three kids. 

Jen Newton

Jennifer – Certified Registered Dental Hygienist

After completing her education at the Gulf Coast State College in 2015, Jennifer joined the Panhandle Dental Care team and received her Local Anesthetic Certification from the Gulf Coast State College in 2016. For the last 7 years, she has been helping her patients by developing their own personal treatment plans, as well as treating her patients who have Periodontal Disease. She also helps them prevent oral disease through proper cleaning and maintenance of any periodontal issues. She loves being able to show patients that going to the dentist isn’t so bad! She also administers a local anesthetic to make her patients more comfortable during their dental procedures. Her fascination for teeth led her to this career, and she gets to use that fascination to help restore her patients’ oral health. Jennifer loves the team mentality of Panhandle Dental Care, and she sees her co-workers as an extended family. If she’s not at the office, you can find Jennifer working out and weight lifting, or in the stands watching her two boys play baseball. 

Sandra Ott

Sandra – Business Administrator

Sandra is a 30 year veteran of the dental industry, having completed her education at the Concorde Career Institute. She has been a staple of Panhandle Dental Care for the last 18 years. As the Business Administrator, she is responsible for scheduling all new patients, handling all insurance questions, coordinating each patient’s treatment plan, and presenting the financial arrangements. These responsibilities go hand in hand with her love and commitment to helping others and providing support for a great office to see great patients. Sandra finds the care and love that Panhandle Dental Care shows each patient that comes in makes the office stand out. If she wasn’t working at the office, she’d either be traveling and eating/cooking!