Panama City’s Choice for a Straight and Beautiful Smile!

Crooked, protruding, gapped, or overlapped and crowded teeth – especially in the front – can really keep you from smiling.

What’s more, crooked teeth not only cause embarrassment, they can cause oral hygiene and health problems such as decay, pain, and excessive wearing as well. You’d love to straighten your teeth but traditional wire-and-bracket braces are so unattractive and take so long to work. You have looked at clear aligners too, but they can take years too and just won’t fit in your current budget. What can you do?

Introducing the speed, ease, and affordability of the Inman Aligner!

How the Inman Orthodontic Aligners Work

Inman Aligners use a patented method to gently guide your teeth into their ideal position – in as little as a few months! We understand that might be hard to believe, especially when you consider that most other orthodontic methods can take years to bring your teeth into ideal position.

The difference with these braces is that only the front teeth are adjusted allowing positioning force to be placed on both the front and back of the teeth. This gentle opposing force is achieved through the use of special Nickel Titanium coil springs creating an active force that both pulls and pushes over a larger area.

Why Choose Inman Aligners from Panhandle Dental Care

Beside the obvious benefit of achieving a beautiful, straight smile, there are so many reasons to choose these innovative braces:

  • Your aligners are removable and typically worn for 16-20 hours a day. That means you can take your braces out to eat or brush your teeth just the way you would with a retainer.
  • Most patients are surprised at how comfortable their aligners are to wear.
  • The Inman Aligner is extra safe for teeth and does not require any bonding of brackets to hold wires in place.
  • Most cases are completed in 6-18 weeks!

Your teeth will look better, be easier to clean, and feel like a million bucks –all without destroying your budget.