Crowns are a wonderful restorative option for those who have severely damaged, worn, or broken teeth, often saving a tooth that might otherwise need to be pulled. Dental crowns are made of pure, dental-grade porcelain or porcelain-fused-to-metal and completely cover your tooth, securely protecting your tooth from further damage, sealing it from infection, and creating an entirely new chewing surface. Crowns are also used to top – and save – a tooth that has had a root canal, to act as a prosthetic tooth in combination with an implant post, and to anchor a tooth-replacing bridge into place.

Bridges are an excellent way to replace missing teeth or close gaps in your smile. They allow you to speak and eat with confidence and create a naturally attractive look. Dental bridges are simply a series of crowns and prosthetic or false teeth: the crowns are bonded to the teeth on either side of your gap and securely and comfortably hold the false tooth or teeth in place.