Fluoride Treatments

Life isn’t really easy on our teeth. Even though they are protected by a hard layer of beautiful enamel, that enamel is under attack every day by acidic foods, sugars, and bacteria. That’s why we recommend fluoride treatments for children at every visit and for adults as needed. When fluoride is applied to the surface of a tooth, it helps remineralize and strengthen that important protective enamel. In fact, fluoride has even been shown to inhibit bacterial growth and reverse early decay.

Panhandle Dental Care now also offers Silver Diamine Fluoride to control active dental decay and stop progression of the disease. This method is especially helpful for very young children who are not able to tolerate more invasive treatments. It can also be useful for hard-to-treat root caries. Silver Diamine antibiotic fluoride treatment has been used in countries such as Japan for over 80 years, is approved by the FDA, and might be just the solution for hard-to-treat dental decay you have been looking for.