Dental Cleanings

Ahhh! That fresh feeling of a newly cleaned smile. Isn’t it the best? But clean teeth don’t just look and feel great, they also help protect your overall health from the inflammatory effects of gum disease and tooth decay. You see, every day, with every bite of carb-laden food we eat and every sip of sugary beverages we take, bacteria-filled plaque builds up on our teeth, and no matter how diligent you might be with your home brushing and flossing, some of that biofilm remains and can lead to all kinds of problems.

Our professional dental hygiene cleanings are incredibly thorough while remaining undeniably comfortable. How? We use the Cavitron tool to gently and effectively remove tartar and plaque above and below the gumline with the power of oscillating sound waves. And while our hygienists are cleaning your teeth, they are also doing an exam, measuring your gum pockets, and making notes – all without stopping to type anything in the computer. That’s right! Our voice-activated charting lets your hygienist make the most accurate notes without disrupting your treatment.